International Bodies That Run the World’s Most Popular Sports

International Sports Federations are non-profit organisations responsible for governing and regulating their specific sports’ integrity on international levels. These federations are tasked with making rules and regulations, coming up with their events calendar, training, talent development and promotion of their various sports disciplines. Listed below are the federations that run three of the world’s most popular sports, including volleyball, basketball, and soccer.

Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

The International Volleyball Federation, commonly referred to as FIVB, is the international governing body for the sport of volleyball. President Ary Graca heads the federation which has its headquarters In Lausanne, Switzerland. The FVIB was founded in April 1947 in France. The federation’s core purpose is to plan and organise volleyball events worldwide. It is also tasked with organising workshops and training for coaches and referees to promote grassroots volleyball.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association

It is popularly known as FIFA, a non-profit organisation founded in 1904 to oversee all international competitions related to soccer. FIFA has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. The federation is currently headed by president Gianni Infantino. FIFA has six confederations, one from each continent. These include CAF (Africa), UEFA (Europe), CONMEBOL (South America), CONCACAF (North, Central America and the Caribbean), AFC (Asia) and OFC (Oceania). It has a membership of 211 national associations. FIFA’s primary role is running soccer and developing the game across the world. It also has the power to suspend a team and members of the association that are not following the stipulated regulations.

Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur

The International Basketball Federation, also known as FIBA, is a basketball federation that was formed in June 1932 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland. President Hamane Niang heads FIBA. It has its headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, and a membership of 213 national federations worldwide that are subdivided into five different zones: Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. FIBA regulates athlete transfers across countries, organises competitions, and controls international referee appointments, among other tasks.

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