Major League Soccer

Yes, some people may disagree with this, but objectively speaking, the fact of the matter is that Major League Soccer (MLS) provides a spectacular soccer action for the fans of the game. MLS is the America’s top-tier soccer league. While it is not anywhere near the European top leagues, the league has attracted some household names like Robbie Keane, David Beckham, and Thierry HenryРnot to mention the players from Central America.

MLS, unlike the European leagues, runs in the summer, stretching from March all the way to November. Wondering why the league does not jump with common spirits? It could be due to the fact that the league wants to provide great summer entertainment when, most football leagues are on recess.

MLS has, in recent years, witnessed a rapid increase in its fan base, thanks to its ability to attract big soccer names (even though they come while in the twilight of their career). There are also new and modern stadiums that have been built across the country. For any MLS fan, these stadiums are a must-visit, thanks to their incredible atmosphere. With all these developments already witnessed, it appears that MLS is poised to grown even more.

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