Decorating a Sport Inspired Room

Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or a man cave; any sports fan would love to have a room that’s decorated in honour of their favourite sport. It can be challenging to establish where to begin however, which is where this article comes in. Continue reading for our guide of how you can tastefully decorate a room inspired by sport.

Wall Decorating

The walls of your space will be the significant focus point of the room, so getting the decoration right in this area is important. You don’t want walls that are too dark and cluttered, as that will make the room appear smaller. Equally, it’s best to avoid anything that’s too bright as that can be a little overwhelming to the eye and distract from any sport inspired furnishings. Wallpaper from is a good way to go, particularly if you’d like a feature wall in the room.

It’s possible to get high quality images printed onto wallpaper from, including pictures themed around sport. For instance, a could be bought with football images, which will make a bold statement in any room based around the sport. Whilst a professional decorator can be sought to ensure the wallpaper is put up perfectly, it’s possible to do yourself if you’re looking to save some extra money.


Based on the decoration you’ve gone for with the walls, you’ll be wanting furnishings to match. In a living room you’d need to invest in seating that complements the walls, whilst also reflecting back to sport. If you’re decorating the room to honour your favourite sports team, the wall could be one of the team colours whilst the furnishings are another or compliment the main team colour well – such as red and blue. For a bedroom, you’d require a bed and the bedding chosen could be sport merchandise; highlighting your love for your team perfectly.

Invest in some framed prints to decorate the walls, such as pictures of your favourite sports stars. To further furnish the space, consider additional extras such as themed coasters to go on tables or collectible figurines and other memorabilia. Curtains are also an important part of furnishing a room. Ensure the curtains match the rest of the decoration and add to the room as opposed to standing out in a bad way. Curtains can also be obtained in styles that are based on sports, such as football club logo patterns.


When decorating a sports based room, it can be easy to forget about storage. Dependent on the room being decorated, the storage needed will differ. For example, a bedroom will require a wardrobe to store clothes; whilst a living room may need some drawers to store letters, books and entertainmeny objects such as DVDs. The storage chosen, like everything else, should compliment the space they’re in. Solid wood storage solutions like drawers are often a good choice, with the brown wood style typically going well in any space. Coloured options can also be sought, such as red wardrobes or green drawers.

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