Breast Implants Among Female Athletes: What You Need to Know

If most people were to make a wild guess, they’d say that larger breasts are an impediment to female athletes, especially footballers. The most logical form of breast augmentation, thus, would be going for a size reduction.

The stats, however, paint a different picture. Female athletes- footballers included- are undergoing breast augmentation in larger numbers than you may think. And a good number are going for breast enlargement too! Serena Williams is arguably the most popular sportswoman reported to have undergone a breast procedure. However, she has never confirmed or denied the report. Others include WWE Superstars Stephan Mc Mahon and Eva Marie and American Football player Angela Rypien. Numerous others have probably gone unreported.

Reasons for Breast Augmentation Among Female Sportspersons

There is no scientific suggestion that mentions a relationship between the size of a female athlete’s breasts and their performance on the field. This is, therefore, not a major reason for augmentation unless the athlete personally feels the need for it. The main reason athletes undergo this process is psychological. An increase in the breast size, for instance, might make an athlete feel more feminine. If this makes them feel good about themselves, it may boost confidence and result in a rise in their performance levels overall.

The Breast Augmentation Process

Due to the sensitive nature of their trade, athletes looking to have breast augmentation have to be more careful than ordinary people. The first step is to pick a reputable outlet like to guide them through the process. Such a facility offering services to both patients and healthcare professionals would be handy in the entire process from pre-surgery to recovery and rehabilitation.

Having picked an excellent driver of the process, an athlete would then be required to fit the surgery into their schedule. The off-season is obviously the best time to do augmentation to allow for adequate recovery. While pain medication lasts less than a week, athletes need about ten days before they begin light training. A gradual increase in intensity is allowed.

It takes up to ten weeks after surgery to reach peak training levels. Athletes who are undergoing lengthy rehabilitation periods for serious injuries may take advantage of this window to do their breast augmentation.

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